October 26
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Today we went on an adventure in Brooklyn! One of the things I wanted to do while in New York was walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now we can check that off our list! This was probably the coldest day of our whole trip, so obviously we didn’t plan very well with all the time we spent outside. It’s okay though, we bundled up and still had so much fun. It’s super cool that you can walk or bike the bridge while all the cars can travel underneath you.  You look one way and its the most beautiful view of the city, then you look the another way and its the Statue of Liberty, and then you look forward and its Brooklyn. When we finally made it across the bridge we had to hit up Starbucks to get warm. 

We went and checked out a fun and trendy little town called Willamsburg. From what I am told, Brooklyn is known for their cool graffiti, and after walking around I knew why. Aside from that they just had super cool buildings in vibrant colors and so many cute painted walls. I don’t know if the people of Willamsburg call it Main St, but where we were it felt like the Main St of the town. There were all sorts of cute boutiques and restaurants. We actually ended up buying Reagan’s cute hat there! We found the cutest wall of all time and had to take as many pictures as we could! It really was such a cool little place! Anyone in the area should definitely go check it out!

We didn’t really know much else to do in Brooklyn so we decided to go back to the city and hit up a few more places. We went to the Grand Central Station which was so fun to see! I know that I keep saying everything is cool and fun but it really is! It really is something special to see many places you have wanted to go in your life. There was a bakery in the GCS where we bought an infamous ” Black and White cookie.” Those things are scary good! Good thing Bryant and I got a few bites before we gave it to Reagan because we didn’t see it after that! 

I don’t think anyone is surprised we went to Bryant Park! I mean how could we not go to the park that was dedicated to my husband? HAHAHA! There was an ice rink but it was under construction so we couldn’t go skate, but a fun fact is that ice rink in Bryant Park is the only free ice rink in the city! You’re welcome! We did get to ride the Merry Go Round though, where Reagan had me circle the whole thing to decide what animal she wanted to ride. She chose the kitty, and she was the happiest cat rider around! The park had a bunch of tables with chess boards on them that many people were playing. I imagine if we lived there this would be a place we would visit often! 

Since we were really close to Time Square we decided to head over to goof around a little before we called it quits. Man, three days non-stop NYC can make you tired! Once again we hopped on the ferry, slowed down, and marveled at the beauty of the city. 

Has anyone ever been to Williamsburg or walked over the Brooklyn Bridge? Tell me what you thought of your experience! Hope you all enjoyed reading along. 



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