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I’m 26 Y’all

November 24
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Another year has come and gone! I honestly don’t know how I just turned 26, when did I get so old!! When I was little, after each birthday I would tell my mom “only 365 days until my next birthday” and I would count down. Okay, I will admit I never fully counted down from 365, but I would definitely count down from 100 haha. When I got married I tried to convince Bry that the entire month was my birthday month; in fact, I’m still trying for that one. For now, he has settled with me having a birthday week haha! That doesn’t mean I get gifts all week,  it means I try and say things like “It’s my birthday week, can I have an extra long foot massage” or “It’s my birthday week, you’re on dishes tonight” or my favorite, “It’s my birthday week, Reagan needs her diaper changed!” Needless to say, it was a great week!

One thing that has become a tradition in our family is the birthday boy or girl wakes up to a fully decorated house. Even though Bry and I both expect the decorations, we still manage to sneak out and decorate without the other person knowing. Reagan and Bryant decorated for me this year and I think Reagan was more excited for my birthday than anyone else, it was so cute. Throughout the whole day she would randomly say ” Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!” Having a kid when it’s your birthday makes you feel like it isn’t your birthday, due to the amount of slave work you still have to do for them; but at the same time, they completely melt your heart with all the sweetness and love.  

The best part of the decorations this year were the awesome balloons in the pictures above.  I knew that I would have fun taking pictures with them and they actually turned out pretty cool! I also mentioned to my dad that I am saving them for his 62nd birthday in a few years, so I had to send a picture with the numbers switched.  I don’t think the reminder of his soon to be age was appreciated. Sorry Dad, I LOVE YOU! 

I also took the time to show one of my favorite pieces in my closet, which is my leather jacket! You can literally wear it with just about anything and it adds the perfect edge to your outfit. It’s definitely a piece of clothing you want to have in your closet. There are so many different styles of leather jackets, so if you are in the market for one, try on a bunch of different styles to find the one that fits your style and looks like good quality. I am all for finding good deals but there are some things you can’t buy cheap, and this is one of them. A little extra money goes a long way when you are talking about leather jackets.  I promise you will get your money’s worth. As you can see in this one post I got to wear it twice this weekend with totally different looks.

Friday night we celebrated as a little family and went to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurant’s in San Diego, called Arrivederci. If you are ever in the area and looking for good Italian food, definitely give this place a try. On Saturday, my mom, sister, her friend, and my niece came down to celebrate and to help my mom watch Reagan while Bry and I went out with our friends. Poor Bry, it was all girls and him haha.  We hardly ever get a babysitter, so it was fun to have some adult time and enjoy a night out. 

Our first stop was to Basic Urban Kitchen which is downtown, just a few blocks from the Gaslamp Quarter. My long time friend is the manager there and we have been wanting to try it out for a while. The whole experience was awesome! The atmosphere, layout, and the food was incredible! It was such a cool place, we are definitely going back. After dinner we went over to a country club called Moonshine Flats. I love country music so this was definitely my type of place. They had line dancing, a live band, a bunch backyard/tailgating games, and most importantly some of country music’s hotties on the bathroom stall doors! Naturally we had to get a pic with Tim McGraw! We danced all night and sang along with all of our favorite songs!

This really was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday and I am grateful for all my friends who came! I am excited to see what things are in store in this next year of my life! 

Love you all!