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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

January 3
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Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as we did!  Although Bryant, Reagan and I were each sick for several days during the break we were able to find a few days to get out of the house.

It was so nice of my Mom and Kylee to come down from Santa Clarita and spend Christmas Eve with us. Poor Bryant was out numbered…like always. We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner and enjoyed having great company in our home. It’s weird not having a white Christmas anymore, but at least we were able to take some pictures outside in the nice weather! My sister is so gorgeous isn’t she!? I can’t believe how old she is getting!! 🙁

One day during the break we went over to this really cool place called Presidio Park in Old Town. I found it a few months ago but finally was ablet show Bryant.  I had no idea it used to be an old military fort called Fort Stockton. Thanks to Bry (and Google) I learned something new.  It’s only a quarter mile from the beach but there are these huge pine trees so we didn’t feel like we were in San Diego at all…. until you see the ocean in the distance. It has quite the view!

In both sets of pictures I am purposly wearing the same black sweater but with two (similar) looks. I love trying to get good use out of my clothes, to mix it up, and prove to my husband I am getting my money’s worth! Sweaters are a must have in your closet for layering under a vest, over a dress shirt, or even over a dress, and you can wear them in every season.  Oh and can I just say, I am seriously dying over the pic with mine and Reagan’s matching color shoes and her purse adds the perfect pop of glam! My little fashionista!

Well we are excited for 2016, we have big plans ahead already!