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Holiday Traditions

December 19
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One of the fun things about being married is looking at the different traditions in our families and deciding what things we will incorporate into our own family.  One tradition we always look forward to is making christmas treats!  Typically we make sugar cookies, carmels, fondants and turtles.  The tradition of making the candy actually comes down through Bry’s family and we definitly have chosen to continue with it.  Although making the candy is a little time consuming, it’s a good way to spend quality time together.  This year Bry’s parents were in town one weekend and we were all able to work together which was fun!

We really enjoy making these treats, but most of all, we enjoy sharing them with friends and neighbors.  Not to toot our own horn, but these chocolates are pretty amazing, and its fun to give them away and see how much other people like them.  The turtles are by far my favorite!(that’s what I was making in the pictures)

Another thing I like about this time of year is the cute Christmas sweaters.  I got this one from J.Crew and I absolutely love it! (I actually picked this one because Bryant loves to ski and he misses it!!) Believe it or not, it actually gets cold enough in San Diego to want to wear sweaters, and even have hot chocolate! This really is such a special time of year. I love getting to see the house all decorated and the atmosphere of giving is so much fun! But what I love most is spending quality time with my family and friends, and that makes this season truly special!

Making Christmas cookies and candy are a few of the holiday traditions that we enjoy, what fun things do you do during this time of year?