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November 1
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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween like we did! It was so fun to see everyones costumes this year, I swear people keep getting more and more creative! For us, Halloween started a little early and is actually still going on because Reagan is loving the idea of dressing up. After much thought, she finally decided she was going to be Rapunzel. It was awesome because I have hair extensions that matched her hair perfectly, I was just worried she wouldn’t wear them. Bryant and I decided to match Reagan’s costume, he was Flynn Ryder and I was Mother Gothel! I had fun with black spray painted hair! Actually, it kind of looked blackish greyish because some of the blonde was showing through. Like I said, I didn’t know if Reagan was going to like the hair extensions, so I busted them out early and she absolutely loves them! Every single day leading up to Halloween she had me put them in her hair. I have countless videos of her with “long hair” twirling around and shaking her head back and forth haha! It was so funny to see her with the extensions because they looked so real; she really did look like little Rapunzel.

All week, we counted down the days to Halloween and Reagan was so excited. She loves sweets and when we explained how trick or treating worked (that you get a bunch of candy) she could hardly wait for the day to come. Around noon, we headed up to our friend’s home, Ashley and Jason, because they were going to have a party.  The community where they live had a party during the afternoon and it was super fun! Our friends went all out with decorations for their home which really made the atmosphere perfect for Halloween. Reagan’s costume turned out absolutely perfect! She was the sweetest, most adorable princess there ever was! So many people asked us if her hair was real, I wanted to say yes just to see their reactions, but I never did!

This was Reagan’s first year trick or treating where she actually knew what was going on. I had a blast going door to door with her and watching her light up every time she got more candy. She would continuously knock on the door repeating “trick or treat,” until someone would answer.  It was hilarious! A few times we could even hear the people inside say ” hold on, we’re coming”  because her knock was relentless haha! Some people would let her choose her candy and that was a mistake because she didn’t understand the concept of only taking one or two haha! It was more like one or two hand fulls haha! I had so much fun going around the neighborhood with her (and sharing her candy!) I feel like it was just yesterday I was roller blading around getting candy for myself!

We went back to Ashley’s and partied it up for a few more hours. Bryant even won us a 25 dollar Starbucks gift card for being so good at a ridiculously funny game! I made the cool looking multicolored cake and am pretty proud of it!  It actually wasn’t as hard as you would think.  The homemade frosting is one of our favorite recipes! Once Reagan got tired, we picked up and drove home.

It was a very successful Halloween for all of us. We had such a blast and created more awesome memories with our little family and some great friends! Hope you all had a great Halloween, and now on to Thanksgiving, I cannot wait!