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October 26
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When the last day of a vacation comes there are always mixed emotions. The thought of going home is nice for many reasons but the thought of leaving is so sad! We weren’t leaving until 8pm so we tried to make the most out of our last day in New York, I mean who knows when we will be back! 

We cherished our last ferry ride, and headed straight back to Central Park, this time we were determined to keep Reagan awake to enjoy it! We wanted to see more of the park this time so we took one of the carriage rides to help us get around much quicker! As we were riding around I kept thinking, if we lived here I would come here with Reagan every day the weather would allow me to! It was just such a fun atmosphere. A lot of people everywhere, running, walking, and just hanging out! We stopped by so many famous places that we have seen in movies, it was really neat just to be able to see them for myself. We tried to get some cute pics of us individually with Reagan but as you could see she was more interested in the fountain than the camera. It turned into a Stephanie photo shoot haha! It’s fine though because I was wearing the cutest braided sweater vest from Anthropologie! I seriously love that vest, you can throw it over so many different things! 

Luckily we saw the biggest bubbles of all time which got Reagan away from the fountain. But of course if you play with the bubbles you have to tip the man. It’s a really clever business idea for the guy because they just float on over to you and it was pretty hard for me not to pop them let alone a child who thinks they are the coolest things ever! Well played bubble man, you earned our money haha! I’m glad he was there though because we had tons of fun playing with them and I got a ton of cute pictures of Reagan with those enormous bubbles.

After all the fun stuff we had done throughout our trip we really just wanted Reagan to have some little kid time. We found the best playground and just let her run around and have a blast. There really is nothing like being with your little one playing around and doing everything they want to do. She is the best playmate, it is so fun to play and imagine with her. I miss those days of sweet innocence, when playing was the only thing to do. I enjoy sharing these moments where I can just be with her and for her and not have another care in the world. We swung “high into the sky” and laughed as we pretended to kick dad. After a while and a few real kicks we had to stop haha! There were little water spouts that shot water and of course we had to put our hands in that ( just in case water suddenly feels different and we need to be sure it hasn’t haha) We got a little wet but not that bad, plus we walked around and it dried pretty quickly. 

Before we knew it, it was time to go. We got all of our stuff together and then went over to meet Shane where he was practicing. He really wanted to see us and take us to the airport so we met him over there. We even got to watch them practice for a little while, which was pretty cool! Once he was done, it was off to the aiport! It was really the best trip ever, we had so much fun visiting New York and being able to spend time with some of our best friends! We said our goodbyes and we were outta there! 




October 26
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After a very long night in Philly, we wanted a mellow day. We knew we were going to Aladdin on Broadway later that evening, so we killed time in the city. We headed over to DoughBoys Pizza to grab a bite to eat. We ended up meeting the owners of the place and they were pretty cool. They have some great pizza and are open super late, so if you are ever in need of some pizza late in the night this place will still be bumpin! They even posted a picture on their instagram of Reagan enjoying some of their pizza. Check them out!

As if we weren’t already stuffed from the pizza, we then went over to Holey Cream for some dessert. This was unlike any dessert we’ve had. It was a donut dipped in frosting, oreos on top, with oreo cookie ice cream in the middle. Now I get why HOLEY is in their name and for more than one reason. I only had about two bites because it was extremely sweet, but that was enough for me; Reagan and dad enjoyed the rest (mostly dad).

Reagan really wanted to go back over to Central park to watch the horses ride around. We thought that was a good idea because we really needed to work off our pizza and dessert. By the time we got to the park we looked in the stroller and she was asleep!! We knew we were leaving the next day so we were going to have to make time to come back. We were lucky to meet up with my friend Brad who lives in New York and just chill for a bit.

Finally, it was time for ALADDIN!! I don’t know if Reagan was more excited for the show or to meet up with Shane again. She might have a little crush haha! Let me just say that show was absolutely magical! The Genie was incredible and was seriously born to play that role! It was perfect because we had actually watched Aladdin with Reagan for the first time before our trip so she really was excited. Part way through the show, and seeing how much Reagan was liking it, I got worried that she was never going to want to watch a movie on tv again haha. The whole rest of the night we were all singing the Aladdin songs.

Anyone in the big city needs to check out all of the things we did today because each once was amazing!!






October 26
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Today we went on an adventure in Brooklyn! One of the things I wanted to do while in New York was walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now we can check that off our list! This was probably the coldest day of our whole trip, so obviously we didn’t plan very well with all the time we spent outside. It’s okay though, we bundled up and still had so much fun. It’s super cool that you can walk or bike the bridge while all the cars can travel underneath you.  You look one way and its the most beautiful view of the city, then you look the another way and its the Statue of Liberty, and then you look forward and its Brooklyn. When we finally made it across the bridge we had to hit up Starbucks to get warm. 

We went and checked out a fun and trendy little town called Willamsburg. From what I am told, Brooklyn is known for their cool graffiti, and after walking around I knew why. Aside from that they just had super cool buildings in vibrant colors and so many cute painted walls. I don’t know if the people of Willamsburg call it Main St, but where we were it felt like the Main St of the town. There were all sorts of cute boutiques and restaurants. We actually ended up buying Reagan’s cute hat there! We found the cutest wall of all time and had to take as many pictures as we could! It really was such a cool little place! Anyone in the area should definitely go check it out!

We didn’t really know much else to do in Brooklyn so we decided to go back to the city and hit up a few more places. We went to the Grand Central Station which was so fun to see! I know that I keep saying everything is cool and fun but it really is! It really is something special to see many places you have wanted to go in your life. There was a bakery in the GCS where we bought an infamous ” Black and White cookie.” Those things are scary good! Good thing Bryant and I got a few bites before we gave it to Reagan because we didn’t see it after that! 

I don’t think anyone is surprised we went to Bryant Park! I mean how could we not go to the park that was dedicated to my husband? HAHAHA! There was an ice rink but it was under construction so we couldn’t go skate, but a fun fact is that ice rink in Bryant Park is the only free ice rink in the city! You’re welcome! We did get to ride the Merry Go Round though, where Reagan had me circle the whole thing to decide what animal she wanted to ride. She chose the kitty, and she was the happiest cat rider around! The park had a bunch of tables with chess boards on them that many people were playing. I imagine if we lived there this would be a place we would visit often! 

Since we were really close to Time Square we decided to head over to goof around a little before we called it quits. Man, three days non-stop NYC can make you tired! Once again we hopped on the ferry, slowed down, and marveled at the beauty of the city. 

Has anyone ever been to Williamsburg or walked over the Brooklyn Bridge? Tell me what you thought of your experience! Hope you all enjoyed reading along.