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October 26
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In west Philedelphia born in raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…… I had to, we went to Philly!! That song was playing through my head all day. We decided to make a special trip to Philly to see Shane play against the Eagles. The drive through New Jersey was seriously so pretty. All the leaves had changed on the trees and it was like looking at a painting! When we got to Philadelphia we checked in at our hotel and then went exploring!

Bryant really wanted to go over to the Rocky steps so that’s where we went first! There was this big statue of Rocky and a bunch of people were taking pics by it, so of course we did too! There were these two random guys taking pics for people and I was like ” oh how nice of them to take pictures for people.” They offered to take ours too, and I was even more impressed, until he asked for a tip. HAHA! He got us good. Oh well, at least we have a few pictures of all three of us. After that little trickster took our pics we booked it up the steps and felt just like Rocky… sort of! We clearly weren’t that original because everyone and their dog was doing the same. Some people were even playing the song on their phone while running. It was pretty funny. I thought Reagan was the cutest little runner though!

All that running and fun worked up and appetite, so we went over to the Reading Terminal Market. This was such a cool place, it had a bunch of different restaurants inside. You could literally pick whatever kind of food you wanted. It would be the perfect place to take picky kids because you can get pretty much anything and you would all be in the same place haha. We got some yummy soul food and we may have gotten the black and white cookie again.

We literally zipped over to see some historical sites but we didn’t have near enough time to see everything we wanted to. We are going to have to go back and dedicate an entire day to that. We did get to see some things though and stopped in front of Indepence Hall for a little bit. After, we went back to the hotel for Reagan to take a nap and just chill a bit before the game. The Eagles stadium was awesome, and the fans were hilarious. We had heard that the fans were crazy so we wore neutral colors, minus my scarf. We all had fun at the game, even though the outcome didn’t go our way. It’s always just super fun to be cheering on our friend! Hopefully the next game we go they can pull off the win!

What are some of your favorite things about Philly? Hope you all are having a good week!